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Water Treatment Chemical
Water Treatment Chemical are highly effective and fast acting formulas that are used for the cleaning of the fluid samples to make them reusable by killing and removal of the germs and various harmful microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, etc.
Boiler Chemicals
Boiler Water Chemical are the highly effective compounds that are synthesized by using modern techniques by using best quality raw chemicals. They are available in large plastic containers as per the demand of the clients.
Activated Carbon
We are offering Activated Carbon in granular and fine powdered form that can be used in various industries for the removal of the impurities from the mixture of liquids and gases. These can be used in food, chemical, water plants, petrochemicals and various other industries.
RO Chemicals
RO Chemicals are the additives that are used to make drinking water potable and rich in minerals to make it suitable and healthy to drink. These are also used for the de-scaling and as an anti-corrosion agent.
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment availed by our company are designed by using premium class non-reactive materials to keep various types of microbial and chemical samples. They are available in many different sizes as per the demand of the customers. 

Acids marketed by ANGEL CHEMICALS are particularly valid for leather material, which can regularly be a dirt and grime magnet because of the synthesis of its material.

Bubble Diffuser
Bubble Diffuser comes in regular sizes and at reasonable rates. Thus diffuser has shelf service life that is both long. This diffuser is known for its unique features like high aeration efficiency, running costs less energy, safe to use, and cost-effectiveness to use. This is very economical and safe to use. 

Laboratory Chemicals
Laboratory Chemicals are used to create more complicated molecules. When making pharmaceuticals or doing laboratory studies, they might be employed for research or diagnostic reasons. They are very effective as well as economical and safe to use.
Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant uses the process of enhancing the quality of water by putting it through several procedures. The most popular method for treating and eliminating contaminants from wastewater from homes and businesses is this treatment plant.
Industrial Salt refers to sodium chloride that is extracted from rock salt or seawater. Following the second round of purification, this salt is combined with additives in accordance with the demands of the particular application. It is used in the manufacture of glass, polyester, plastics, and leather.
Swimming Pool Chemical
Swimming Pool Chemicalincludes a membrane cleanser that aids in the cleaning of the pool's membrane lining. The chemical provided is quite effective and aid in keeping the pool clean and sanitary. This is created with the customer's safety in mind. This is very effective as well as economical to use. 

Waste Water Chemical and ETP Chemical
Utilizing specialist chemicals like Waste Water Chemicals and ETP Chemicals, wastewater/effluents goes through significant treatment and purification procedures before being released back into the environment. These chemicals are particularly designed to target and eliminate a variety of dangerous toxins and contaminants contained in wastewater.
Boiler Water Chemical
Boiler Water Chemicals are crucial for industrial boilers to operate at their best and last as long as possible.  These chemicals aid in extending the equipment's lifespan, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing downtime due to maintenance and repairs by addressing corrosion, scale development, and microbial growth.
Commercial Chemicals
Commercial chemicals are made up of a wide range of compounds that are essential to many different businesses and daily activities. These substances are methodically created on a big scale with specific chemical properties and functions that are suited to their intended purposes.
Defoamers are chemical substances that have been carefully designed for controlling and removing foam generation in a variety of industrial operations. These adaptable materials are created to successfully battle the unwelcome presence of foam, which may lead to a variety of problems like decreased production efficiency, equipment faults, and deteriorated product quality.
Sand Filter
Sand Filteris a high-quality product that may be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.The included filter is very efficient and constructed of high-quality materials, and it aids in keeping the pool clean and sanitary throughout the year.
Bag Filter
Bag Filter is created in a small fashion, making them light in weight and portable enough to move. Aside from that, it is simple to install, safe to use, erosion-resistant, high-performance efficient, and durable. Customers can have this product in a variety of sizes, shapes, and custom colors to suit their needs.

Softener Plant
Softener Plant is known for increased water quality, best contaminant removal, cost savings, economy, durability in nature, environmental friendliness, no water shortages, and improved flavor and water quality. They are incredibly efficient and cost-effective to utilize. They are offered to our clients at a low cost.
A coagulant is used to remove colloidal impurities, suspended particles like bacteria, clay, silts, and organic matter from contaminated water. This acts as an agent that promotes or causes coagulation. This is very effective to use.
Morpholine Chemical
Morpholine Chemical is a colorless liquid with a faint fishy or ammonia smell. In addition to being a solvent, it also serves as a rubber accelerator, corrosion inhibitor, boiler water additive, and detergent brightener. The pH of the boiler water is raised to prevent corrosion.
Gravel is utilized in the production of concrete, the development of new road foundations, and even the production of other building materials such as bricks, pipes, and blocks. It is sometimes stacked inside of blast furnaces and utilized as a flux.
Bio Media
Bio Media serves as a home for nitrifying bacteria, which transform nitrogenous contaminants into less hazardous forms. Unless it has become too clogged to operate, this media shouldn't need to be replaced. This is safe to use.
Tube Settler Media
To expand the effective settling area, Tube Settler Media uses many neighboring tubular channels that are sloped at a notional 60° angle. This is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This is great to use.
Rust Remover Chemical
Rust Remover Chemical is used to remove paint and powder coatings from metal surfaces. It's used to clean metal surfaces of all kinds of liquids, as well as powder paints, and polyurethanes. Through R&D and validation procedures, we manufacture goods depending on the individual needs of end consumers.
EDTA Disodium
EDTA Disodium is a blood anticoagulant, hence it is used in hematological tests. It is also used for boosting the antibacterial activity of lysozyme.
Textile Chemical
For enhancing the processes from dyeing, bleaching to washing, these Textile Chemicals are the best and cost-effective options.
Silicone Antifoam
Silicone Antifoam has a high degree of chemical stability, a low freezing point, little volatility, little dose, and resistance to oxidation and high temperatures. Silicones spread uniformly and quickly over a foam film due to their low surface tension, which facilitates the foam's penetration and collapses.
Ferric Alum
Ferric Alum is made with excellent raw materials and acids, and we have solid supply chain management for it, with affordable all-India transportation available. A more pure form of ammonium sulfate that doesn't include iron is known as non-ferric alum.
PH Paper
PH Paper is piece of paper that change colour based on a liquid's pH. It is a low-cost, high-accuracy method of determining the pH of any liquid, in this case urine. The majority of pH strips are made to test urine, water, and saliva. This paper is very effective to use. 
Multiport Valve
A vital and adaptable part, the multiport valve is frequently used in a variety of filtration systems, including sand filters, pool filters, and water treatment systems. It functions as a central control valve and is essential for the smooth and effective functioning, management, and upkeep of the filtering process.
RO Membrane
A vital part of a reverse osmosis system, a frequently used water filtration method, is a RO Membrane. It is a semi-permeable membrane that is essential in the process of purifying water by eliminating pollutants, impurities, and dissolved particles.
PH Meter
These pH meters are ideal for determining as well as recording the acidity or basicity of aqueous solutions in no-time. They are compact, durable and advanced devices available with easy to use options.
Water Analysis Equipments
Polyelectrolyte Chemicals are the polymeric powders and solutions that are used to make solutions that are used for the purification of the water to make it suitable for different applications.
TDS Meter
These portable, high-end as well as effective TDS Meters are ideal for measuring the effectiveness of RODI filter and determining the amount of dissolved particles in the water.
Corrosion Inhibitor
Corrosion Inhibitor is a chemical compound that, when added to a liquid or gas, reduces the rate of corrosion of a material that comes into contact with the fluid, usually a metal or alloy.The cathodic process is slowed by these inhibitors, limiting the migration of reducing species to the metal surface.
Cationic Polyelectrolyte
A family of organic molecules known as cationic polyelectrolytes is distinguished by its distinct chemical composition and electrical characteristics. Long polymer chains make up its structure, and all along its backbone are functional groups that are positively charged. The polyelectrolyte's cationic character is due to some positively charged groups.
Solid Ferric Alum
Alums are a class of chemical compounds, and solid ferric alum is one of them. It is a product of the bauxite mineral and is frequently found in a solid, crystalline form. This compound has a remarkable look due to its bright and unusual reddish-brown hue.
Ph Testing Paper
Ph Testing Paper is a common instrument in biology and chemistry for determining how acidic or alkaline a solution is. It is made up of tiny paper strips or sheets that have been impregnated with a combination of natural or synthetic dyes that react by changing color.
Disinfectant Chemicals
Disinfectant chemicals are used to get rid of or lessen the amount of dangerous bacteria that are present on things, surfaces, or in the air. In homes, hospitals, schools, and public areas, these chemicals serve a crucial role in preserving cleanliness, and hygienic conditions and avoiding the spread of illnesses.
Lime Chemicals
Due to their outstanding versatility and particular chemical properties, Lime Chemicals are very essential in a wide range of sectors. These compounds are vital in advancing agricultural practices, fostering environmental sustainability, assuring infrastructure upkeep, and carrying out a variety of other crucial duties.
Bio Culture
A Bio Culture is a carefully cultivated population of various microorganisms with a wide range of capabilities. In many different industries, including agriculture, sewage treatment, bioremediation, food production, and medicine, these bacteria are harnessed and extensively used.
Carbon Filter
A carbon filter is a filtering tool that is very good at removing pollutants and impurities from water or air. It is made up of an activated carbon porous bed, a type of carbon that has undergone particular processing to increase its surface area and adsorption power.
Water Softner Resin
A crucial element of water softening systems intended to remove hardness minerals from water is Water Softner Resin. It is a unique kind of synthetic resin that makes the ion exchange process easier and efficiently eliminates the calcium and magnesium ions that cause water hardness.

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