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Waste Water Chemicals
Waste Water Chemicals offered by us are widely used for the removal of the contaminations, germs, and for the decolouration of the water to make it suitable for the various different applications in industries.
Boiler Water Chemical
Boiler Water Chemical are the highly effective compounds that are synthesized by using modern techniques by using best quality raw chemicals. They are available in large plastic containers as per the demand of the clients.
Ro Chemicals
RO Chemicals are the additives that are used to make drinking water potable and rich in minerals to make it suitable and healthy to drink. These are also used for the de-scaling and as an anti-corrosion agent.
Polyelectrolyte Chemicals
Polyelectrolyte Chemicals are the polymeric powders and solutions that are used to make solutions that are used for the purification of the water to make it suitable for different applications.
Cooling Water Chemicals
Cooling Water Chemicals are the additives that are used as a descaling and anti-corrosion agent for the large cooling towers in power plants to make them more efficient and ensures longer service life.
Defoamer Chemicals
Defoamer Chemicals availed by us synthesized by using high quality raw materials in exact proportions. These can be used as an anti-foaming agents in paints and various other chemicals.
Water Filter Media
Water Filter Media are the chemical agents that are used for the removal of impurities and contaminations present inside the water and other liquids to make them suitable for different applications.
Waste Water Chemical (ETP)
Waste Water Chemical (ETP) are the high performance additives that are used for the sewage water treatment to make them re-usable. There are various types of such chemicals availed by us in large quantities as per the requirements.